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Jun 24

Posted on June 24, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Proper eye care is essential to maintain long-term eye health. Bacterial, fungal, and viral eye infections can be uncomfortable and concerning. Here, the doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates discuss the top ways to prevent eye infections so patients can enjoy a better quality of life.

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May 18

Posted on May 18, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Summer activities can be hazardous to your vision without proper precautions. Increased UV exposure, as well as chlorinated pools and sandy beaches, can have a negative impact on your vision and overall eye health. The team at Monterey Eye Associates offers 10 tips for summer eye protection to preserve your health.

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Apr 23

Posted on April 23, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. The symptoms of glaucoma often develop slowly, meaning that many people in the early stages of the progressive eye disease do not realize that they have glaucoma.

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Mar 24

Posted on March 24, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Extended wear contact lenses can be worn continuously for multiple nights. At Monterey County Eye Associates, we offer multiple extended wear contact options. Learn more about the benefits of these lenses, and who may be a good candidate for this option.

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Feb 17

Posted on February 17, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Seniors have unique vision needs. The doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates discuss exams and testing for people in their golden years.
Jan 17

Posted on January 17, 2020 — by Eric Del Piero

Some types of contact lenses may be better for patients than others. Our eye doctors discuss various options and which type may be right for your vision.

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