Prevent Glasses from Fogging When Wearing Your Mask By Monterey County Eye Associates on September 15, 2020

Assortment of pairs of glasses lined up on tableAs people get used to wearing facial masks and coverings while out in public, those who wear glasses might face additional obstacles. Many people have found that their glasses fog when wearing a mask. This occurs because your breath is warm and the surface of your glasses is cool. Not only is the fog annoying, but it can be dangerous since it can obstruct your vision.

There are ways to prevent your glasses from fogging when wearing your mask. At Monterey County Eye Associates, serving Monterey, CA, Salinas, CA, King City, CA, and other areas, we help patients choose masks and eyeglasses that are comfortable and safe.

Choose the Right Mask

When your mask does not fit snugly across your nose, your breath can make its way up to your glasses and fog your lenses. To prevent this, you need to choose the right mask, ideally one with a nose bridge. These masks feature a flexible strip that you can mold to fit your nose more comfortably.

Facial coverings with a nose bridge minimize the amount of moisture that can reach your glasses. The nose bridge works by limiting how much of your breath makes its way out of the mask.

For an immediate fix, you can also try taping the upper portion of the mask down to reduce fogging.

Special Lens Coatings

We offer many types of glasses, including those with lenses that are treated with a special coating to minimize fogging.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

If your glasses do not have a special coating, then you can wash them with soap and water. The soap creates a film that can prevent fogging. After washing them, you should let your glasses dry naturally or pat-dry them gently. Be sure to steer clear of soaps that contain lotion.

Well-fit Glasses Over the Mask

We can help you choose the right glasses to frame your face. Your glasses should fit comfortably, and this includes when you wear your facial covering. When you have your mask on, it is best to wear your glasses over your mask. With your glasses fit well and are in the right position, your breath won’t fog up the lenses as much.

Anti-Fogging Products

Since fogged lenses have become a more widespread problem due to mask mandates, manufacturers have developed numerous products to combat the issue. There are a variety of sprays and wipes that claim to prevent glasses from fogging up.

Use a Tissue

A simple way to prevent glasses from fogging when wearing your mask is to use a tissue. Fold it and tape it under your mask right on the bride of your nose. By strategically placing the tissue, it can help catch some of the moisture that escapes your mouth.

Wear Contacts

For patients who want to skip the whole fogging issue altogether, they might want to opt for contacts or LASIK surgery instead. We offer custom and multifocal lenses to fit a wide range of needs, along with laser vision correction surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you need an eye examination, new contacts, or glasses, you can contact our office to schedule a consultation. Please give us a call at (831) 424-1150 for more information.

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