Contact Lenses for Astigmatism By Monterey County Eye Associates on February 18, 2019

A contact lensAstigmatism is a common vision problem that many people suffer from. Thankfully, there are many options for treatment worth considering. While laser eye surgery has grown in popularity over the years, numerous people have turned to prescription contact lenses for advanced vision correction needs. The doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates can find the ideal contact lens option for you.

The team at our Monterey, CA vision centers would like to consider the different kinds of contact lenses that can treat astigmatism. First, let’s consider why a patient would pick contacts over other vision correction options.

Contact Lenses vs. Glasses for Astigmatism

Some people may feel that contact lenses are more ideal for them than prescription glasses. In these cases, a person may prefer to be free from having frames on their face. It’s a matter of personal taste, facial aesthetics, and convenience in this case. Neither option is better per se, but a person may have a preference for contact lenses.

Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery for Astigmatism

While laser eye surgery is a popular option for vision correction, some patients may prefer avoiding the risks associated with surgery and opting for contact lenses. Contacts have no risk of adverse side effects or complications, which many patients find preferable given their safety.

Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are contacts that are specially designed to treat astigmatism. These toric lenses have different meridians on the lens surface, which are designed to address different degrees of nearsightedness and farsightedness associated with astigmatism. Some toric lenses even rotate in order to match the position of a patient’s eye, ensuring consistent vision correction whenever the contacts are in.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses are another option to consider for treating astigmatism. Unlike the toric contact lenses, the gas permeable contacts are rigid and remain fixed in one place. They essentially function like a second cornea, ensuring that light passes through the eyes properly and patients are able to see clearly.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses bring together the benefits of soft and hard contacts. Most hybrid contact lenses consist of a soft outer ring and a rigid central portion. This combination helps ensure the comfort of a soft contact and the clarity of vision that only a rigid contact can achieve.

Specialty Contact Lenses

In addition to the above options, major advances in materials and vision correction technology have resulted in the development of numerous specialty contacts. Soft, disposable toric contacts can work wonders for people suffering from varying degrees of astigmatism. Additional options for advanced eye care are also available.

Developing a Custom Vision Treatment Plan for You

Given all of the contact lens and vision correction options available, it’s important that you speak with an eye doctor about your many options for treatment. By working with our vision specialists, we can go over the pros and cons of all contact lens options, discuss them with you in greater detail, and determine the right treatment option for your needs.

Contact Monterey County Eye Associates

To learn more about your many treatments for astigmatism and which one may be right for you, be sure to contact our team of eye doctors and vision surgeons. The team at Monterey County Eye Associates is here to help. You can reach our Salinas office by phone at (831) 424-1150, and our Monterey offices at (831) 372-1500 and (831) 375-5066.

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