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patient-doc.jpgEye disorders do not discriminate according to age; they can affect children and are not uncommon. Our pediatric ophthalmology specialist is sensitive to the unique physical and emotional needs of children, and we tailor each child’s treatment accordingly.

We proudly offer advanced pediatric eye care and ophthalmology to children in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and surrounding communities. Our doctors and staff understand exactly how frightening going to an eye doctor can be for children, so we work to make the experience as pleasant, and even fun, as possible for them.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

You should consider a thorough eye examination if:

  • Your child holds objects very close to see, sits very close to the television and has difficulty in school seeing the blackboard or reading. Children, like adults, may have visual problems due to needing glasses, called refractive errors, but they often cannot describe their visual difficulties since they have no basis for comparison. Glasses help focus the eye with near- or far-sightedness and astigmatism.
  • Your child's eyes are not aligned: they cross, wander out, or the child squints in a condition called stabismus. In these conditions, one eye may be ignored and develop amblyopia, a potentially serious loss of vision due to lack of use of the eye. Patching one eye is used to improve vision in the weaker eye.
  • Your child has frequent eye infections, chronic red eyes called Conjunctivitis, or an inflamed nodule on the lids, Chalazion, which have not cleared with treatment from your pediatrician or family doctor. Eye drops often clear the former; oral antibiotics and, more infrequently, surgery are sometimes needed for the latter.
  • Your infant or toddler has chronic tearing and recurrent eye infections due to blocked tear ducts. If still present after 8 to 10 months, treatment consists of probing and opening the blocked tear flow canal.
  • Your child has a permanently drooping eyelid, ptosis, causing cosmetic or visual problems. If severe, vision can be affected and surgery is required.
  • You have a family history of congenital cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal problems, or your child was a low weight premature. These problems can occur without external signs, a good baseline ocular exam can relieve any concern about these conditions.

Monterey County Eye Associates is equipped to handle these and other pediatric eye problems. Contact our practice today to schedule a pediatric ophthalmology appointment at our Monterey, Salinas, and Santa Cruz-area office.

Pediatric Eye Care – When to Visit the Doctor

Your child should be evaluated by a pediatric eye specialist if any of the above conditions exist; if not, use the following guidelines for early diagnosis of potential problems of which you may be unaware.

The first routine eye examination should be by age 2 ½ years old. Most children are capable of identifying pictures and a good assessment of vision can be made. Amblyopia can be detected and timely treatment started.

Next routine exam should be at 5 or 6 years old (beginning of school) to detect any need for glasses which would help school performance. If regular vision tests are performed thereafter at the pediatrician's office or school, many problems can be caught. If not, eye exams at the beginning of middle school or high school are a good idea.

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