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Living with cataracts can be like trying to see through a cloud of fog. Even daily tasks can become difficult to accomplish.

At Monterey County Eye Associates in Monterey, CA, Salinas, CA, and King City, CA, we provide effective cataract treatment options.

Learn how our team of caring eye care specialists can improve your vision with advanced cataract surgery and intraocular lenses...

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Felisa Gomez


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(Translated by Google) It is the first time that my husband and I visited dr del piero, they are all very professional, the dr has a lot of experience, we are completely satisfied with his professionalism...

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Meghan Davis Mercer


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Dr. Del Piero was professional and kind. He found two holes in my retina and fixed them with a barrage laser two days later. His staff were thoughtful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

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​Am I a Good Candidate for Cataract Surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, our compassionate eye doctors can review your candidacy for surgery during a consultation at one of our ophthalmology offices in Monterey, Salinas, and King City, CA. With few complications and a number of incredible benefits, surgery can have a significant impact on improving your life. The basic requirements to qualify for cataract surgery are relatively straightforward and include:

Good Overall Health

While cataract surgery is relatively straightforward, it is important to be in good general health before proceeding with treatment - as with any significant medical procedure.

Vision Impeding Your Quality of Life

If symptoms of cataracts such as double vision, halos, or blurred vision are impeding your independence, surgery can replace your clouded lens to provide you with a new lease on life.

Reliance on Bright Lights

Advanced cataracts can make it difficult to see without bright lighting or other visual aids. This reliance on additional aids may be a sign that cataract treatment is necessary.

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Tracy Gordon


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I feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Rosenblum taking care of my eyes. I have been his patient for twelve years, and he has always provided excellent care! I highly recommend him.

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Ian Watkins


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Very professional staff and a clean facility. Dr. Del Piero gave me honest answers to the questions I had

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​What Is an IOL?

An intraocular lens is an artificial lens of the eye that can replace a lens clouded by cataracts. There are many types of IOLs, some of which can not only improve the clarity of your vision but can eliminate your need for glasses, as well. At Monterey County Eye Associates in Monterey, Salinas, and King City, CA, our ophthalmologists offer a wide range of IOLs including premium brands:

  • Alcon AcrySof® Toric IQ IOL
  • Alcon Acrysof® IQ Vivity® IOL
  • PanOptix Trifocal IOL
  • J&J TECNIS Eyhance™
  • J&J TECNIS Symfony™
  • J&J TECNIS Synergy™
During an appointment at one of our three convenient eye care practices, we can review your IOL options to help you choose the best fit for your individual goals and budget.

Cataract Surgery Timeline

The eye doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates perform cataract surgery at the outpatient Monterey Peninsula Surgical Center. If you need surgery on both eyes, we recommend treating one eye at a time. While every surgery is different, depending on the type of IOL selected and any other eye care needs you may have, generally the procedure includes:
You will notice a clear difference in your vision within 48 hours of cataract surgery.
You will notice a clear difference in your vision within 48 hours of cataract surgery.

Consultation and Exam

During your initial consultation, if you are a new patient with Monterey County Eye Associates, we will conduct a thorough eye exam to ensure there are no other issues with your cornea, retina, or optic nerve which may be affecting your vision. We will review your IOL options and answer any questions you may have about treatment before we proceed.


On the day of surgery, our doctor will dilate your pupils and administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. You may also be given a sedative to help you relax depending on your level of anxiety.


To provide the most accurate results and reduce recovery time, our doctors use an advanced technique for cataract surgery. Precise small 2 mm incisions are made in the cornea of the eye and a probe utilizing gentle ultrasound energy is used to remove the clouded lens. Laser-assisted options are also available. Once the clouded lens is removed, the IOL is implanted.


Immediately after surgery, your vision will be blurry. You will need someone to drive you home. Over the next few days, you will begin to notice a marked improvement in the clarity and sharpness of your vision. Wearing sunglasses, a protective shield, or an eye patch can protect your eye while it heals. 


In the days following surgery, resist the urge to rub or touch your eye, even if it is itchy. This can increase your risk of infection. Our doctors will schedule several follow-up appointments, the first a couple days post-surgery, the second a week after, and a third a month after, to make sure your eyes are healing well. It takes about eight weeks for your eye to heal completely.

The team of doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates

Monterey County Eye Associates
Monterey Bay Eye Center

Our team of ophthalmologists provides state-of-the-art eye care using the latest technology. They are proud to be affiliated with: 

  • AAO: American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • ABO: American Board of Ophthalmology

To schedule an appointment at one of our four ophthalmologist office locations in Monterey, Salinas, and King City, contact us online or call (831) 424-1150.

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