The Benefits of Disposable Contact Lenses By Monterey County Eye Associates on May 14, 2023

Contact lensesMillions of Americans suffer from some type of vision impairment. Prescription lenses address refractive errors to enhance vision, allowing people to continue to perform daily functions like reading, driving, and working on a computer. Regarding prescription lenses, people have a choice between glasses and contact lenses.

At Monterey County Eye Associates, contact lenses are a popular treatment for vision impairment. The benefits of disposable contact lenses set them apart from glasses and make them the preferred form of vision correction among many of our patients in Monterey, CA, Salinas, and King City. Here, we discuss some of the advantages disposable contact lenses offer.


There is a general misconception that contact lenses are only suitable for some types of vision impairment. In actuality, contact lenses can correct all the most common refractive errors. The ophthalmologists at our eye care center offer a comprehensive range of contact lenses, including specialty lenses. Personalized contact lens care makes disposable lenses an appropriate option for individuals suffering from hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia (age-related farsightedness).

Ease of Care

Some people worry about the care and upkeep that contact lenses require. Contact lenses are easy to care for, and are less cumbersome than glasses in many ways.

Contact lenses sit directly over the eyes, so the lenses do not fog up when stepping outside and do not become smudged as eyeglasses do. While glasses often need to be cleaned and stored repeatedly throughout the day, disposable contact lenses can be worn for up to 16 hours before they need to be removed and cleaned. In the case of daily disposable contact lenses, they are simply thrown away after a day of use, eliminating the need to clean or store lenses.

Unobstructed Vision

Contact lenses enhance eyesight and provide unobstructed vision. Since contact lenses do not have any frames, they do not limit a person’s range of sight. Contact lenses provide clear vision when looking up, down, and to the side. Contact lenses even provide clear peripheral vision, which is not the case with eyeglasses.

Uninhibited Movement

One of the inconveniences of glasses is their physical limitations. Glasses can slip or fall off when a person moves or sweats, making them a poor option for many physical activities, especially contact sports. In contrast, contact lenses do not slip or fall out of place. Disposable contact lenses can be worn for a full range of activities, including walking, running, or playing sports.

Discreet Vision Correction

One of the most notable differences between glasses and contact lenses is their appearance. Glasses are visibly noticeable. Some prefer how eyeglasses allow them to express their style, but many others desire a more discreet vision correction option. Contact lenses are virtually unnoticeable, making them an ideal choice for people who want to correct vision impairment without obstructing facial features.

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Disposable contact lenses are an effective and convenient solution for vision impairment. If you’re interested in learning about the specialty contact lenses offered at Monterey County Eye Associates, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our experienced ophthalmologists. To get started, send us a message online or call (831) 424-1150 at your earliest convenience.

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