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Recognizing the Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Posted on July 17, 2019 — by Eric Del Piero

A blacked out central field of visionAs people get older, the risk of developing an eye disease becomes greater. Macular degeneration is a condition that can significantly impact your vision. Diagnosing and treating this eye disease early can delay vision loss.

At Monterey County Eye Associates in Salinas, CA, and Monterey, CA, our doctors educate patients about the symptoms of macular degeneration so they can schedule an eye exam as soon as they notice any signs of this eye condition. We also recommend scheduling vision exams at least once per year so we can monitor the health of your eyes.

Reduced Central Vision

A telltale sign of macular degeneration is worsening central vision. Patients with this eye condition begin to a notice a dark or empty space that appears in their central field of vision.

Straight Lines Appearing Bent

If you notice that straight lines begin to appear wavy or bent, it is time to schedule an eye exam. A straight surface, such as the edge of a door, can appear wavy to patients that have macular degeneration. One way to check if straight lines appear bent is to look at a grid, such as the Amsler grid.

Blurry Vision

Patients with macular degeneration may develop blurry vision. Fuzzy vision is a common symptom of many eye problems. If you have increasing difficulty seeing printed words or have blurry vision in your central field of vision, along with the other symptoms listed on this page, you may have macular degeneration.

Diminished Color Vision

Some patients with macular degeneration notice that their color vision is not as good as it once was. Some patients report that colors appear paler or less vibrant.

The Need for Brighter Light

As macular degeneration progresses, patients often have more difficulty seeing in low light conditions. They may have trouble seeing clearly if they are in a dimly lit room. Typically, patients require bright lights to read, cook, or complete any other task. In addition, patients may be more sensitive to glare.

Difficulty Recognizing Faces

As the central field of vision worsens, patients have difficulty recognizing people’s faces. This can be an extremely upsetting symptom for patients and their loved ones. Seeking early treatment and diagnosis can delay vision problems such as this for as long as possible.

Difficulty Seeing Fine Details

As the condition progresses, patients have trouble seeing fine details whether they are looking at near or far objects.

Contact Our Practice

If you have noticed just one or several of these symptoms developing and worsening over the past few days, weeks, or months, it is critical that you schedule an eye exam immediately. Vision loss due to macular degeneration can be prevented for as long as possible with a timely diagnosis and treatment.

At Monterey County Eye Associates in Salinas and Monterey, we work with patients to provide the most effective treatment. Your treatment plan may include a change in your diet and lifestyle or medication and surgery. Contact our practice online or call us at (831) 424-1150 to schedule an appointment.

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