Foods that Are Good for the Eyes By Monterey County Eye Associates on November 16, 2015

Woman holding an appleThe doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates encourage habits that will be beneficial to overall eye health. A vital part of this is high quality, routine eye care, such as regular eye exams. Eye care is important to eye health maintenance, as well as the early detection and treatment of any eye problems that may develop. Additionally, these eye care appointments provide patients with helpful tips and information in regards to habits that can be practiced at home in order to support good eye health. For instance there are many foods that are good for the eyes, and these can benefit our Monterey, CA patients in a number of ways. Below we discuss some of the foods (we’re not just talking carrots) that have been shown to enhance the health and function of the eyes.

Kale and Spinach

Kale and spinach, along with other leafy greens, such as collards, turnip greens, and romaine lettuce, are rich in two nutrients that are important to eye health: lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are so beneficial to the eyes because they have been shown to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, two common eye problems. Eat just one cup of cooked spinach or kale and you’ll be getting more than 20 milligrams of these beneficial nutrients.

Orange Juice

Orange juice and citrus fruits offer a healthy serving of vitamin C. In fact, one cup of orange juice delivers around 124 milligrams of this nutrient. Most people try to take in vitamin C because of its immune-boosting properties, but it can also be beneficial to the eyes. Vitamin C has proven to be helpful in minimizing the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Nuts and Seeds

Another vitamin that is essential to eye health is vitamin E. Vitamin E protects eye cells from free radicals and can slow down the progression of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. To get a good serving of vitamin E, patients should consider snacking on sunflower seeds, peanut butter, hazelnuts, almonds, or wheat germ.


Fish is rich in fatty acids, which benefit the body in a number of ways, one of which is aiding eye health. These fatty acids help with visual development and retinal function, and some studies suggest, may also help in the prevention of dry eyes. Fish that are especially rich in these fatty acids include salmon, tuna, and anchovies.

Oysters and Shellfish

Oysters and shellfish are two types of seafood that can benefit the eyes, not because they are rich in fatty acids, but because they are high in zinc. A diet lacking in zinc may lead to poor night vision or cataracts. If seafood is not your thing, there is also plenty of zinc in liver, red meat, poultry, milk, and beans.


The old adage about carrots being good for the eyes is true. Carrots are beneficial to the eyes because they provide patients with a source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A, a nutrient that encourages eye health and can improve night vision.

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A diet rich in nutrients and vitamins can be beneficial to eye health, but nothing can replace the benefits of quality eye care. If you are looking for an experienced eye doctor to help in the general care of eye health and vision, you will find what you need at Monterey County Eye Associates. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about our services.

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