Treat Cataracts with the ReSTOR® Lens By Monterey County Eye Associates on May 07, 2014

Monterey ReSTOR® Lens for CataractsVision loss can be a frustrating problem at any point in one’s life, but it seems increasingly more prevalent as people grow older. Those who previously had excellent eyesight may find themselves experiencing blurred or degraded vision, while those who already wore glasses or contact may suddenly need a new prescription. In many cases, traditional corrective lenses can no longer compensate for all types of vision loss, most notably in the case of cataracts. Surgery therefore becomes one of the only viable options for complete vision correction. With ReSTOR® lenses, patients can correct their cataracts in a safe and reliable way. Rather than waiting for your eyesight to continually worsen, consider the benefits of this one-time procedure at our Monterey eye care center

What Is the ReSTOR® Lens?

Within each eye is a natural lens, located behind the pupil and iris. This lens is responsible for focusing light, which results in our ability to focus on specific objects, depending on their distance. Once people reach middle age, the lens in one or both of their eyes may become foggy. While this can simply be caused by aging, the process may be worsened by congenital factors, exposure to ultraviolet light and radiation, or medical conditions. In order to correct a problematic lens, surgery must be performed to replace it.

ReSTOR® intraocular lenses are artificial lenses that can be implanted within the eye. By properly focusing light before it reaches the retina, ReSTOR® allows patients to see clearly even when multiple problems are present. The procedure is permanent and boasts a high rate of success, with 99 percent of patients able to drive a car afterward without the need for glasses or contact lenses.    

Candidates for ReSTOR®

Intraocular lenses are used to treat one or both of the following problems, which are commonly found in older patients:

  • Cataracts: Cataracts are the result of a build-up of protein within the lens, resulting in a cloudy appearance. Patients typically suffer from blurred vision but may also experience dulled colors, glare from light sources, double vision, and changes to a previous prescription of glasses or contacts.
  • Presbyopia: As the lens loses flexibility, it also loses its ability to focus on objects that are close by. This is often the reason that someone may need reading glasses as he or she grows older. Although the effects are similar to farsightedness, the cause of the vision loss is different, resulting in the need for different treatment.

Candidates for ReSTOR® lenses should therefore be looking to treat one or both of the preceding problems. Patients who also suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness can expect clearer vision overall, making cataract lenses an effective treatment for a majority of vision problems. Those who have previously undergone laser eye surgery such as LASIK should still be able to receive ReSTOR® lenses, as long as the eye has healed properly.

Benefits of ReSTOR®

The most obvious advantage to ReSTOR® is clearer vision. On average, over 90 percent of patients can perform their most common daily tasks without glasses, and over 80 percent of patients never need glasses for any activities whatsoever. Lens replacement also tends to facilitate a brighter and more vivid view of the world, along with the correction of any other side effects from cataracts.

More specifically, ReSTOR® offers both monofocal and multifocal lenses, whereas many competing lenses only offer the former. Multifocal lenses allow the eye to transition from objects that are far away to those that are nearby, providing a range of clear vision. This is markedly more convenient than having to rely on reading glasses even after successfully completing cataract surgery.

Keep Your Vision Sharp

If you suspect that you are beginning to suffer from cataracts, presbyopia, or decreased vision in general, visit our office for a consultation. Schedule an initial appointment with us to learn how we can best improve your eyesight.

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