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Proper Care for Contact Lenses

How to Care for Contact Lenses

Posted on April 14, 2014 — by Eric Del Piero

How to Care for Contact LensesFor patients who rely on prescriptive lenses for clear vision, contact lenses offer a discreet visual aid that does not interfere with one’s appearance or style. For these reasons, contact lenses are preferred by a great number of our patients. While contact lenses are considered comfortable and convenient, it is important for patients to understand that they do require special care. Patient education is a great focus at our eye care center and we ensure that all contact lens patients are well informed on how to care for their contact lenses. Because the lenses have direct contact with the eyes, proper cleaning and use techniques are necessary to protect the health and safety of the eyes. For our Monterey patients, contact lens care is also vital to maintaining the life of the contact lenses to avoid the need for frequent replacement.

Proper Use of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses fit snugly on the eye to correct vision impairment, offering patients freedom from eyeglass frames. Because the contact lenses sit directly on the eye, there are special use instructions that are required to protect the lenses from excessive wear and to prevent eye infections or damage. Contact lenses come in many different forms, from hard lenses, to flexible, disposable lenses. While our eye doctors will provide specific instructions for each set of lenses, the following use guidelines are important in the proper care of contact lenses:

  • Only wear contact lenses as long as directed each day and be sure to change lenses as indicated by the product instructions
  • Do not sleep with contact lenses in place
  • Wear sunglasses when exposed to sunlight, as contact lenses can make eyes sensitive to sunlight
  • Keep eyes lubricated with an improved saline solution while using contact lenses
  • Remove contact lenses if there are any signs of eye irritation or eye infection

Cleaning Contact Lenses

Another important factor in caring for contact lenses is ensuring that the lenses are clean. If dirty contact lenses are used, it can cause infection or damage to the eyes. By adhering to the following cleaning techniques, patients can extend the life of contact lenses and protect the eyes:

  • Only handle contact lenses with hands that have been washed and dried
  • Use only recommended disinfecting solutions and cleaners on contact lenses
  • When not in use, keep contact lenses in clean and sterile contact lens cases
  • Do not use tap water on contact lenses
  • Keep nails short and smooth to avoid scratching contact lenses
  • Avoid touching contact lenses with hands that are covered in lotions, oils, perfumes, or make-up, as these can create a film on the contact lens

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At Monterey County Eye Associates, our doctors educate patients to ensure that they receive the safest and most effective results from their eye care treatment. If you have questions about caring for contact lenses or are interested in learning more about our other vision treatment services, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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