Advantages of iLASIK By Monterey County Eye Associates on October 29, 2012

Advantages of iLASIKWhen it comes to providing technologically advanced vision correction, you can count on our Salinas and Monterey eye care centers. We will always strive to help patients achieve excellent vision and optimal ophthalmic health, whether by surgical means or non-surgical means. One option that has become extremely popular in recent years is iLASIK. Many patients aren't sure what iLASIK is, however, which is why we'd like to briefly go over these matters right now.

About iLASIK Surgery

iLASIK is the most technologically advanced LASIK surgery available today. Many Salinas and Monterey ophthalmologists feel that iLASIK offers patients a number of advantages over traditional LASIK, which was quite effective already. iLASIK brings together both custom LASIK technology and bladeless LASIK technology. Let's look at each of these and why they offer patients great advantages.

Custom LASIK Technology

Custom LASIK surgery refers to technology that maps the corneal surface. This digital mapping system provides and extremely detailed view of the cornea, pinpointing even the smallest of imperfections in shape. This allows LASIK surgeons to address both lower order aberrations as well as higher order aberrations.

Higher Order Aberrations and Lower Order Aberrations

Lower order aberrations are common refractive errors that LASIK surgery routinely corrected:

  • Myopia: Also known as nearsightedness, myopia refers to the ability to see nearby objects while objects at a distance are out of focus or unclear.
  • Hyperopia: Also known as farsightedness, hyperopia refers to the ability to see distant object while objects that are nearby are out of focus or unclear.
  • Astigmatism: Astigmatism often accompanies myopia and hyperopia. It's a general asymmetry in the cornea that results in overall blurriness of vision, though it can also be caused by a misshapen lens.

Higher order aberrations are unique visual distortions also related to small imperfections in the corneas, such as:

  • Starbursts
  • Poor night vision
  • Glare
  • Halos
  • Poor contrast or color sensitivity

Only custom LASIK can reliably address both higher order aberrations and lower order aberrations. That means custom LASIK patients achieve better vision than traditional LASIK patients.

Bladeless LASIK Surgery

In traditional LASIK surgery, an instrument called a microkeratome is used to create a flap in the corneal surface. This flap allows LASIK surgeons to reshape the cornea. While the microkeratome has proven safe for many years, bladeless LASIK is even safer. The flap in the cornea is created with an accurate laser, reducing any chance for human error or infection.

Added Safety and Vision Quality

In addition to the laser used in bladeless LASIK surgery, there is an added level of safety to iLASIK. The laser that corrects the shape of the cornea is computer guided, moved by the information from the digital map of a patient's cornea. This is a high level of accuracy and safety that was previously unavailable to LASIK patients.

Is iLASIK the right option for you?

LASIK is a great option for vision correction, but sometimes patients are not eligible for surgery. This may be due to various eye conditions or issues with the thickness and health of the corneas. In such cases, alternatives are available, such as other refractive surgeries or traditional non-surgical options like contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. We'll go over all options with you during your visit so you know what to expect.

Learn More About Vision Correction Surgery

For more information about iLASIK surgery as well as other advances in vision correction technology, be sure to contact our Salinas and Monterey eye care specialists today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and discussing these issues in greater detail.

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