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Cataract Symptoms and Treatments

Posted on March 28, 2011 — by Eric Del Piero

Many people develop cataracts as they grow older. In some cases, cataracts can form in young people as well. The thing that a lot of people may be unclear about is what cataracts are exactly. It’s one of those words that you may hear, for instance, and know what it means in general but aren’t clear what it means exactly. The team here at our Monterey eye care center would like to take a brief moment to explain what cataracts are, what the common symptoms of cataracts are, and how cataracts can be most effectively treated.

Cataracts form when the proteins that are located in the clear lens of the eye clump together. This causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy and can make your vision blurry, foggy, or opaque. As mentioned above, cataracts are more common in people of advanced age, though children and young adults have developed cataracts as well.

Some of the most common causes of cataracts include the long-term exposure of the eyes to ultraviolet light, prolonged exposure to radiation, injury to the lens of the eye, a history of smoking cigarettes, and iodine deficiency. Some adverse health conditions can also cause cataracts to form.

In order to treat cataracts and restore the vision of a patient, cataract surgery is required. During Monterey cataract surgery, the lens with the cataract is removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens that is clear. This artificial lens will be able to restore your vision to the way it was prior to having cataracts. The best artificial lens for your eyes will be determined at our office during the consultation process.

For more information on artificial lenses and cataract surgery and treatment, we encourage you to visit our office. The entire team here looks forward to speaking with you in greater detail about the health of your eyes and how your vision can be enhanced, improved, and maintained. To schedule a consultation, contact our eye care offices located in Monterey and Salinas today.

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