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Aug 17

Posted on August 17, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Some of the most common causes of blindness and vision loss include cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy.

Jul 16

Posted on July 16, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Presbyopia is a form of age-related farsightedness (hyperopia) common in middle age and advanced age. Read about your options for treatment.

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Jun 16

Posted on June 16, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

The cost of your intraocular lens will primarily depend on the type. We will help you select the right IOL for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

May 18

Posted on May 18, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Patients should learn to recognize the symptoms of glaucoma so that early treatment can be sought at Monterey County Eye Associates.

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Apr 17

Posted on April 17, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is a type of infection common in children and adults who work around young kids. Here are treatment and prevention tips.

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Mar 18

Posted on March 18, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

We explain the most common types of eye infections and how to prevent them so you can maintain your ocular health and preserve your vision.

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Feb 17

Posted on February 17, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Astigmatism is vision blurring caused by irregular lens and/or cornea shape. Treatment options include refractive surgery like LASIK and corrective lenses.

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Jan 16

Posted on January 16, 2015 — by Eric Del Piero

Farsightedness (hyperopia) refers to a difficulty seeing objects nearby by but the ability to see distant objects clearly. Treatments include LASIK and corrective lenses.

Dec 16

Posted on December 16, 2014 — by Eric Del Piero

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a common vision problem that can be treated using eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK, and other other refractive surgery options.

Nov 17

Posted on November 17, 2014 — by Eric Del Piero

From mild eye injuries to complex visual impairments, our eye care center offers world-class treatments for the entire family.

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